Friday, September 23, 2011

Brief Notes On Gerard Kennedy's Beard

I had heard rumours to the effect that Gerard Kennedy had "gone the full commie" (ie grown a beard), but now that I've seen pics, I am somewhat assuaged; I can still imagine doing a business deal with the guy, for example, which in many cases is simply inconceivable
I mean, a few Canadian politicians have made it work--Pablo made it work--but usually the result is disaster.  The beard wears the man.  And of course its not as bad as bald, which Mussolini ruined for generations of aspiring public servants. 
But if Gerard runs again, it should definitely come off.  The beard, I mean.  His other hair is, as per usual, excellently placed and coloured.


Mark Richard Francis said...

He's only leaning commie.

As for bald, you mean that *Rocco* has ruined it for generations of aspiring public servants.

900ft Jesus said...

beard, no beard...Kennedy is hot.

sharonapple88 said...

Beard. No beard. It's all good.

And to be honest, I like Mulcair's beard too.