Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Daily Hillier: A 2 Hillier Day!

From his Facebook page today:
Seems like Randy hasn't got the ixnay on the mudfolksway message from Hudak Central; as of this morning he was still claiming that the McGuinty No Skills Left Behind tax credit was aimed at foreigners, rather than available to Canadian citizens.

Mind you, fellow Ontario Landowners Associaition alumni Jack MacLaren had an even worse flub up.

Ah well.  Maybe its time to cue it up.

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crf said...

Why has Hudak not booted this joker from the party yet? What's going on reminds me of the pussy-weak federal Liberal party of the last few years.

Since I don't think Hillier is a total self-absorbed idiot, I bet that he, and the rightist faction in the PC party, are deliberately pushing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour to sabotage Hudak as leader. It's mystifying why the PC party as a whole puts up with this.