Friday, September 16, 2011

Vote For Hudak, And This Little Fellow Gets It

 Seriously.  Or at least  Carleton-Mississippi Mills Tory candidate Jack MacLaren would allow roads to be built into the provincially endangered species' habitat.  Useful, I think, to remind people of the words of Norm Sterling--the Tory MPP who Mr. MacLaren usurped--when he spoled of the rural Libertarian wing of the PCPO that Mr. MacLaren represents:

"They don't believe in conservation authorities, they don't believe in milk marketing boards, they go so far as to say let's abandon our planning laws in the province of Ontario."


Tof KW said...

MacLaren should have a 350lb shell strapped to his back, then be forced to cross a busy provincial highway on his hands and knees. Lets see how he likes it.

Terrence said...

We should abandon the idiotic supply management laws. Talk about rent seeking at the expense of the poor!

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