Monday, September 19, 2011

Download This Video!

 WK has dug up the much suppressed video footage of Stephen Harper calling for a "hat trick": Torys at the municipal, federal, and provincial level.  Tim Hudak's gang have been trying to make footage disappear ever since.  Meanwhile, a new Leger poll suggests the hat-trick may be hard to achieve--another dead heat, although this one with the PCPO a few points up.


Fashion Style said...
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Anonymous said...

You conveniently fail to mention that in same poll the ONDP are nipping at the heels of the OLP @ 29%, 4 points back of the Libs.

This probably explains the escalating silly smears thrown at the ONDP by Libs in the past few days.

Insult the intelligent of the electorate at your own peril dear Libs.