Sunday, September 04, 2011

McGuinty Gives Money To Same Group As Jason Kenney Did

Ezra Shits!  Inflammatory emails fly across cyberspace  (see bottom of YouTube clip)!

Now, there are differences between the two occasions.  For instance, the provincial money to Palestine House is coming at arms-length, via a Trillium Foundation Grant, whereas the federal money flowed directly from Mr. Kenney's ministry.  So if that grant proves the McGuinty government is down with Hamas, then so are the Harper Tories, perhaps even more thoroughly.

Of course the real question Ezra and others need to ask is: where is Tim Hudak in all this?  Doesn't he owe voters an statement re funding these alleged jew-haters?  Only he, it appears, can swoop down and save us all from the Islamist menace. 

Thus far, Hudak has pointed rejected Ezra Levant's kooky notions.  Let's see if he keeps the streak alive (or, even more wisely, entirely ignores anything that Sun TV, with its audience of several, says.).


muscocamoca said...

The Trillium Foundation has given grants to many deserving groups and by mandate politicians cannot interfere with its decision making. Ezra and his band of rightwing trollmeisters are beginning to understand that the provincial election is now too close to call and are simply trying to stir up trouble.

This will have little play and most should see it for the singular silliness it is. Dump on McGuinty then best be perpared to dump on Harper for doing the same thing,

Omar said...

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Anonymous said...

I will assume that Jane Smith is one of those extreme right bloggers who know when they have stumbled and are trying to turn the page.

Thanks BCLib for exposing this continual irritant. Harper at al can do no bad on Israel even when he is doing bad while a tiny Liberal hiccup becomes positively satanic.

I embrace Harper's support of the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel. But I do not wear blinders. I know that governments are not always responsible for everything that goes on. Is there still funding for Palestine House? Will the NAMF continue to receive funding if it is engaged in supporting terrorism as has allegedly Palestine House? Let's see.

And I wonder has this civil servant's alleged slagging of Israel under Harper's watch been finally reported yet ?

bigcitylib said...

Sue, that investigation seems to have fizzled out. There was one update to that story (it was "ongoing") and then nothing.

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised BCL? Sigh...I really hope people see through Ezra's silliness, seems they do since the mainstream media continues to pay him little heed.

In fact the Palestine House story and that of the civil servant really have me wondering if Harper's committment to stop hatred towards Israel is real. I mean unlike a Trillium grant that McGuinty has no control over, in these 2 cases the Harper government has all the control. And they simply ignore it counting on the public's short memory OR the hope that the Jewish community (one to which I proudly belong) will simply not go after him because he "says" all the right things.