Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When They Came For The Avro Arrows, I Did Not Stand Up

 ...for I was not a delta-winged interceptor aircraft

Parc Downsview Park Inc., the folks who have decided to shut the Canadian Air and Space Museum and replace it with a couple of hockey rinks, are a crown corporation, so eventually this mess lands on Mr. Harper's lap. And its an appalling one.  The Alouette 1 was made in this building, for chrissakes; there are documents related to the Avro Arrow that can probably be found nowhere else on the planet, as well as the famous full-scale replica, which is apparently now sitting in the parking lot. 

A dumb move for a government intent on re-militarizing Canadian history.  Unless its got something to do with the whole Diefendiety movement I hear is springing up.  I hear they want to scrub The Arrow from all official records. 


A Eliz. said...

Has someone gone out of the god damned mind? This makes me irate. to say the least

ridenrain said...

There's always room in Chretien's canoe museum.

double nickel said...

ridenhard = brainless troll.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh ain't it sweet, Harper's republican envy has led him to find his own Reagan to worship, idolise and canonise.

Bush lite indeed, very lite

Omar said...

Ridenrain is a brainless troll, but that was pretty funny..