Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Daily Hillier: Tim Gives Randy A Few Extra Strikes

Key Gray on Randy's issues with the CRA:

So OK. Taxes aren’t being paid in the household. There’s a strike. Hillier misread the form. There’s a strike. Hillier neglected to tell the integrity commissioner. Strike three. You’re out. Resign.

But of course the rules aren’t the same for everyone. Conservative leader Tim Hudak won’t throw him out because of his tax woes.

And that’s because he will likely win this eastern Ontario riding. In fact in some quarters of the landowners rights movement, Hillier (or his wife) might be a hero for neglecting to pay the CRA.

Win in the riding, maybe, but cost the PCPO 5 ridings elsewhere in the province.

Meanwhile, does anyone know what the count is against Jack "I am a Canadian and I believe charity should start at home" MacLaren?

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Tof KW said...

"And that’s because he will likely win this eastern Ontario riding..."

Oh please, Hillier and the OLA have nothing to do with that, this is one of the safest conservative regions you'll find in Ontario.

The Ontario PCs could field an orangutan in the riding of Lanark - Frontenac - Lennox and Addington, and still probably win 50% of the votes.

Mind you, Hillier isn't that far off from an orangutan, so a sensible Tory (like a Norm Sterling type candidate) would win 60+% if given the nomination, and the PCs wouldn't lose 5 outside ridings as a result.