Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sun Media Empire Contracts

...closing down Kanata call center and snuffing 100 jobs so Quebecor can consolidate its call centre operations in Sarnia.  Because it just doesn't take that many people to sell subscriptions to Sun newspapers anymore.

Mind you, these are the last folks within the media chain that deserve to be sacked.  And its a pity that Quebecor seems to be cannibalizing its print resources to keep feeding cash to the money-sucking disaster that is Sun TV News.  Good people go jobless to keep Ezra in beanys and grease-paint.


Deno said...

I guess if Sun News is losing money then CTV newsnet and CBC newsworld are losing a ton of it and should be going broke at anytime now because they are well below Sun news ratings.

You are so full of shit.

Sun news is way ahead of expectations and will be around for a long time.


bigcitylib said...

Yeah, Sun TV ran a live program that got more viewers than a CBC news loop that was hours old. One time.

Deno said...
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Deno said...
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Deno said...


The fact that Sun news with its 20 millions dollar annual budget can get an audience that even come close and exceed the CBC’s ratings with its 20 million dollar a week budget shows that there is a major thirst in Canada for a news organization that doesn’t cater to left of centre views that the CBC’s pukes out everyday.

Also the fact that Sun News is in only 5.5 million homes while the CBC Newsworld is in 14 million homes and Sun News can have shows rating higher then the CBC Newsworld is proof that Sun news is giving Canadians a point of view that Canadians want that CBC, CTV and Global does not give us.

The day when Sun News is shown in 14 million homes in Canada like CBC Newsworld is is the day that Sun News dominates the cable news in Canada just like Fox News does in the US.


liberal supporter said...

$20 million a year for Sun vs $20 million a week for CBC?

You are wrong.

It is funded by cable subscriber fees and commercial advertising. Unlike the CBC's main television network, the channel cannot directly receive operational funds from the corporation's public funding allotment — although it does benefit from synergies with other CBC services, such as the ability to share reporters and programs with the main network.

Not only is CBC News Network prohibited from being funded by CBC's public allotment (the $20 million a week you lied about going to CBC News), that means it has to get its money the old fashioned way, by earning it. Unlike Sun News, that QMI can freely cross subsidize using the vast resources of Quebecor, kind of like the Koch brothers bankrolling the US "tea party".

Unlike the QMI subsidized Sun News, CBC Network news EARNED $85 million last year, and guess what, they made a PROFIT. Hard to understand for someone who feels his favourite news network is entitled to government help every step of the way, such as Kory's attempt to get a Category 1 licence to force carriage of its signal.

So I respectfully submit, that you are the one that is full of shit, Deno.

Deno said...

liberal supporter

Your source is Wilipedia?

HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the belly laugh!

Since CBC will not release (even though they’ve been ordered by a court to do so) how it spends our tax dollars you have no idea how much of CBC 1.7 billion dollar budget CBC Newsworld gets.

I guess it you that is a liar!

The fact remains that Sun News is now matching or exceeding CBC`s rating even though they are in only 5.5million homes and is only a few months old while the CBC is in 14 million homes and almost 15 years old.

Also since Sun News can do this without 1.1 billion dollars from the taxpayer that the CBC gets every year which shows that there is a huge thirst in Canada for a news source that isn’t leftist (Liberal) propaganda that the CBC pukes out everyday.

It is only a matter of time before Sun News will dominate cable news in Canada just like Fox does in the US.

This is the real reason Liberal bloggers like BCL are so afraid of Sun News.


Deno said...


Sun News Network scorched CBC and CTV in ratings last Friday.

During the afternoon and in prime time, Sun News programming bested the state broadcaster's News Network by more than 30,000 viewers. CTV News Channel was a distant third.

While Canada Live - guest-hosted by Anita Sharma - reached 72,900 viewers, according to BBM ratings data, the CBC's afternoon programming only had an audience of 37,900. CTV logged 34,000 viewers during the same coveted 3-5 p.m. timeslot.

Even more remarkable is that while Charles Adler was reaching 82,300 viewers at 8 p.m. ET, the CBC could only muster an audience of 58,200. CTV was third place that night with 39,600 tuning in.

Later Friday, Byline with Brian Lilley tied the network record with an audience of 89,000. Sun News' 9 p.m. ET show throttled the meager 18,000-viewer audience for CTV, and nearly knocking the decades-old CBC newscast hosted by Peter Mansbridge off its taxpayer-funded pedestal. Joining the ratings successes, Ezra Levant's show The Source registered 57,000 viewers at 5 p.m. ET.

That crushed CTV's audience of 28,000 viewers and was within striking distance of CBC's audience of 59,200 over the same period.

These early ratings wins come at a time when Sun News is only available in about 5.5 million households, compared with CBC News Network in 10.6 million homes and CTV in 8.5 million.

"What makes these numbers truly impressive is that we don't receive over a billion dollars in taxpayer support to make it happen," said Sun News spokesman Luc Lavoie.

"On top of that, we don't have anywhere near the household distribution of CBC or CTV."

I read else where that CBC newsworld is in 14 million homes the article above says 10.6 million.

If 10.6 million is the correct number then I stand corrected


liberal supporter said...

So let me get this straight. You snigger at Wikipedia, then provide your own assertions without any source at all?

By the way, the wikipedia article was sourced from CRTC. I suppose that's not good enough for you either.

Can you support your claim that CBC is subsidizing CBC News Network with its public allotment, despite it being prohibited from doing so?

Can you support your claim that the CBC budget is 1.7 billion, despite it issuing financial statements, released by the CRTC in which it is $1.2 billion, of which $794 million is the parliamentary appropriation?

Can you support your claim that CBC won't release how it spends our tax dollars, despite the fact that it does. Perhaps your problem is with the fact all of its revenue goes into one account and therefore one cannot say that a specific dollar of advertising revenue went to program expenses or administration? This is no different than the government using the Consolidated Revenue Fund to collect our taxes and write cheques from.

You haven't proven any of your assertions.

V said...

That seems to shut deno, that little bitch up, or perhaps he is just having trouble finding a source that will confirm his numbers.