Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Pinko Retreads In The MSM

Last week, former Conservative premier Ernie Eves said the PC Party had become "the Tea Party version of Ontario politics," prompting Tory Randy Hillier to call Eves "a pinko re-tread."

Meanwhile Randy has clarified that the man whose words he endorsed is not him.  But note: Facebook does not grab lines randomly out of the texts you link to.  It takes the first couple unless you tell it otherwise.   Randy, or someone on his staff, selected the line "I honestly wonder if he [Ernie Eves] ever was a genuine member of the party..." and so forth to head up the posting.


Steve V said...

Funny, I hit your facebook link and under "Likes" for Hillier was "Tea Party Of Canada". The site rotates your likes, but someone should tell John Ivison!

sharonapple88 said...
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