Monday, September 12, 2011

Tim Hudak Hires THEM To Do Campaign Dirty Work

 Hiring call-centers in News Brunswick, when Ontario phone spammers are going hungry?  Whose side is the Hudak campaign on?  Why is he sending push polling and dark ops jobs out of province?  Does Tim Hudak hate Ontario?

PS.  Oh my!  Tim Hudak would never have got educated if he hadn't swiped  American scholarship money from a full-blooded Yankee.


liberal supporter said...

Hudak thinks New Brunswickers are foreigners, so he's hiring them to show he's not such a bad guy.

He may be right, should Harper continue to botch all things Quebec. NB would probably have to join independent Quebec, or else be annexed by Maine, or become its own country too.

A Eliz. said...

That is one of the slimiest and dirties tricks in the book...push polling>

richard said...

You linked to a post on the blog 'excited delirium'. Is the post on NB call centres as inaccurate as the one that blog posted further down on vaccines?

bigcitylib said...

MLHL Marketing/Consulting is indeed from NB: