Sunday, October 09, 2011

Andrew Coyne Booted Out Of Conservative Movement!

...Coyne lost his “right” to be the defender of conservatism with his choice of being tight within the liberal media establishment and should stop trying to give advice to us who would never support a Liberal.

B.C. Blue (author of the above) is one of the thuggier Blogging Tories, spending much of his time harassing journalists over the Internet.  He also projects as a dork in a dorky suit--so that's strike two-- and is in tight with the B.C. Conservative Party.  Yes, I know what you're thinking--who the fuck are the B.C. Conservative Party?  Didn't they die off long ago?

As for Mr. Coyne, if he's looking to defect, to floor cross as it were, I know people who can help.  There are still dorky suit issues that will have to be dealt with.  But if Mr. Coyne wants to email me his shoe size, I can have a decent pair of sandals ready for him when he jumps the fence.


Jim Parrett said...

I remember retweeting an insult BCBlue made against one of our more centrist journos. She replied with a shrug and advised that I should ignore him, that he is "actually insane". I think she may be right.

Anonymous said...

Chiding someone for not being a Conservative when he voted against Harper because of Harper's untrustworthiness illustrates that the dork has no idea what conservatism is.
Harper and his acolytes showed no respect for the law, parliamentary procedure or traditions and plain honesty. These used to be Conservative values, not so much now it appears.