Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Like Mike DeSouza

This PostMedia reporter did bang-up work on the PWU's (Power Worker's Union) astroturf campaign against Ontario's Green Energy Act.  And this article, chronicling how Enviro Canada scientists have been trying to defend the science of AGW in the face of their Evil Tory Overlords, is similarly good work.  As PostMedia lurches towards its deservedly bloody, hideous, and inevitable demise, we can only hope that Mr. DeSouza finds continued employment with a more deserving employer.  But if you ever see this guy flipping burgers at McDonalds, please tip him well.  And if Jonathon Kay is standing beside him, also flipping burgers, tell Jonathon Kay to go suck rocks, and make sure you tip him inadequately.


Kyle H. said...

What's your problem with Jonathon Kay?

bigcitylib said...

He annoys me something fierce.

Holly Stick said...

De Souza is an excellent reporter who often posts the documents online, and whose twitter feed is not so busy that you can't keep up with it (unlike certain prolix and/or argumentative reporters who tweet the telephone directory weekly).