Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Your Daily Nazi: Support Rises For Storseth Private Member's Bill Among Canadian Neo-Nazis!

 From here:
Yeah, its that Paul Fromm.  And of course Heritage Front leader Marc Lemire is down with the repeal as well:
Mr. Storseth, you must be so proud.


double nickel said...

Birds of a feather. All of them.

rabbit said...

So the logic here is...

If neo-Nazis support something, we should oppose it?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that there was any lesson, just an observation as to what will happen if it succeeds. It will allow nasty people to call folk some very ugly names and claim that it is all free speech.
Which it is, but much like highlighting all the naughty words in the dictionary because you can, it is an abuse of a wonderful concept.
In these times it is also a strange priority for an MP whose constituency has more pressing problems.
Oh and look who has joined the peanut gallery of supporters, Bishop Henry. You remember him the scumbag who decided that little girls didn't need to be vaccinated to prevent them contracting HPV and increasing their risks of developing cervical cancer. A catholic bishop in tandem with nazis, who'd a thunk it?