Sunday, October 16, 2011

Globe vs. Geller?

From Media Culpa:

It’s a sad day when Atlas Shrugs looks like better journalism than the Globe and Mail.

Indeed.  Interesting too is that this article appears to mark climate-change denier and all round corporate shill Lawrence Solomon's return to the Globe after many years of writing for the National Post.  It would be interesting to know the back-story behind that move.  In any case, its sad news that anyone in the MSM would see fit to publish the man.  As MC demonstrates, he's already starting to drag the G&M down.

Whoops!  Looks like Solomen is writing for both papers!  I didn't know that was allowed.  In any case, he is back at the Globe after a long absence.

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Southern Quebec said...

I think that the Globe traded him to the NatPost for Blatchford and a journalist to be named later.