Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Your Daily Nazi, Part II: Storseth's Bill To Empower The Nazis

...due up for a vote in February 2012 or so. So says Kady O'Malley, who writes:

...Storseth's bid to repeal the clause of the CHRA that governs the transmission of "hate messages" by telephone or online is likely to be one of the more contentious private members' bill to go before the House during the life of the 41st Parliament, with the most crucial - and as yet unanswered - question whether he will be able to count on garnering the support of the government. If he does, it will likely pass easily; if he does not, he may be able to count on many of his fellow Conservative backbenchers -- a dozen of whom rose to be officially recorded as seconders of the bill -- but most cabinet ministers would likely remain seated when it comes down to a vote.

Presumably, the LPoC, NDP, a Lizzy May fill be firmly against.  Or at least, I have no idea who the "pro" standard bearer might be with Keith Martin out of the way.

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