Friday, October 07, 2011

Quick Notes

...on the Ontario Election results.

1) Folks weren't that angry after all.  The opposition here--as opposed to B.C.--to the HST was never more than muted.  That was the first sign to those who were looking.  The cost of Hydro as an election issue?  That always struck me as a bit of a snore.  And Hudak's attempts at wedge politics failed miserably.

2) A week is a long time in politics.  Just eyeballing recent poll numbers,  it looks to me like the NDP peaked about two weeks back.  Part of their decline stemmed from the Liberal attack machine training their guns on their left flank; part is, maybe, that people are moving beyond Jack Layton's passing.

3) While I'm thrilled Rocco Rossi is out, I'm sad that Bernie Farber isn't in.  Good luck in whatever you do with the rest of your life, Bernie.

4) Hudak should stay on as PCPO leader.  I doubt there is any real move to replace him, but if so, leaders usually need at least one campaign before they find their feet as politicians and decide where they want to take their party.  You can't keep swapping front-men after a poor result.  Or, you can, but then you become the Federal Liberals.

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double nickel said...

It appears that most Ontarians voted "none of the above".