Monday, October 17, 2011

News Flash! Print Media Still Dying

From the WAN-IFRA, the World Press Trends Survey brings news to gladden the heart, if in your heart you feel the MSM should be crushed, skinned, and its bones fed to wild pigs.  The trend-lines are still pointing down!  Circulation in North America is down 17% over the past five years!  Digital readership is up, but those folks don't pay: the business model still ain't there to make 'em!  The "Free Daily", which seemed to be a way forward several years ago, is over, baby!  Too many were launched too soon!  Jonathon Kay, David Warren, Mark Steyn, and Ezra Levant are headed to the scrap-heap of history.  More specifically, to the McD's check-out counter.

Well, it doesn't actually say that.  I'm reading between the lines.  Great news though, unless you are in the business, in which case suck on it.

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