Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Isn't Supposed To Happen

A Christian employing Canada's Human Rights Apparatus.  Its whole purpose is to oppress them, don't you know.  Mind you, the case was dismissed.  Here's another example, though I don't know how Damian Goddard fared in the end.  Though things went swimmingly for Pro-Life Hamilton.


Anonymous said...

"suggesting that Boshra change in one of the lockable unisex washrooms,"

What the hell is wrong with the guy? No wonder he has been laughed out of every court and hearing he has been too. His other insistence that security stay out of the rooms is so unreasonable that I'm surprised he hasn't figured it out himself. What if someone collapses and can't move? It looks like he doesn't care who suffers as long as others don't see him in his holy undrwear.

bigcitylib said...

True, but the point is that even Christians are allowed lodge frivolous complaints. Just like Gays and Muslims and other normal folk.