Monday, October 31, 2011

Once Again, Words Fail

...I'm just going to post this sequence of shocking pics of Rob Ford and Ezra Levant without comment, because I am quite defeated by their apparent depravity:

Have we just witnessed an act of mayoral sodomy?  I hope not, but I can only say that Sun TV can hardly be described as a "family friendly" organization these days. 

And if that's really Mayor Ford in these photographs-- well, I feel, sir, that you are diminished.  If its an actor playing Rob Ford, then I guess it pays better than waiting on tables.  But lay off the cheesy puffs.


Brian Busby said...

You knew it wouldn't be long before Dame Ezra's return. Shame the scarf hid his orange wig.

Holly Stick said...

It's dark hair, though it does look like a hijab in some photos.

I'm betting he was afraid to bring out the orange wig and would prefer it be forgotten.

Alison said...

Well they got the in broad daylight and no kid anywhere to be seen part right this time anyhow.