Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whatcott Does Ottawa

...distributes gay-bashing fliers in advance of court hearing. Full list of stories in today's papers about the case here.


Anonymous said...

It's strange that this is the only bit of the Charter that religious wingnuts know about and agree with. The rest they ignore and abuse with gay abandon.

Kurt Phillips said...

Didn't Jesus say something to the effect of, "you best take the log out of your eye before critizicing another for the sliver in his eye."

To the point. Whatcott has spent the better part of his adult life demonizing homosexuals, in part, becuase he claims they destroy families. Yet he has no problem destroying his own family. His first wife (with whom he had children) filed for divorce because he was never around and left her alone to care for the children. I understand he then got himself a mail order bride from the Philippines who, after a brief marriage where he neglected her and emotionally abused her, ended in divorce as well. He's now on his third marriage (another Filipino mail order bride). How many lives has he personally damaged as a result of his selfish desire to have a wife though he is unwilling to behave as a husband?

deboaned said...

There can be little doubt that Whatcott's targeting of gays and lesbians is hateful. The issue I believe will rest on a narrow issue dealing with the language in the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code. The Supremes may find it to general and wide sweeping.