Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quebecor To CBC: Yeah We're Corporate Welfare Bums, But...

Quebecor lashes back against CBC's various allegations.  Here they defend the various subsidies they receive for their various magazines and other print publications:

CBC/Radio-Canada mentions subsidies received by various magazines of Publications TVA, a Quebecor Media subsidiary. Quebecor Media wishes to make it clear that it had nothing to do with the creation of these magazine subsidy programs. However, as a publicly-traded company accountable to its stockholders, Quebecor Media cannot let its competitors such as Rogers or Transcontinental be the sole beneficiaries of these programs, as doing so would place it at an untenable competitive disadvantage.

Yeah.  Heart on the right, wallet on the left.  And even Sun TV superstar Ezra Levant has been know to solicit government money-- $63,366 worth of postal subsidies back in 2005, in a desperate and finally failed attempt to keep The Western Standard going.


Terrence said...

I really like it when you beat on this drum.

One thing: change CBS to CBC in your first sentence. Just a typo.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you forgetting that it's always OK W A Conservative Does It.