Monday, October 24, 2011

Valhalla Awaits!

Its seems to be Final Conflict time re the gun registry, brothers & sisters.  Lets have the argument one more time, because whenever we do the polls eventually tip 2-to-1 against a repeal, and the government winds siding against the will of the vast majority of Canadians.  Sure, its a long time to the next election, but the people should extract  what vengeance we may


Michael said...


Scanner said...

Someone is floating the idea of a complete repeal - no firearm license required. I can only gape in admiration of the object foolishness, but that is the libertarian branch. So we have an imagined society of complete license for gun ownership combined with complete restriction on abortion. It would be funny if not so sad. BTW I am so sick of libertarians saying stupid things like this.

liberal supporter said...

They really want "Any gun, for anyone, anywhere". But it will backfire on them.

The brownshirts are going to be in for a nasty surprise when they get themselves armed to the teeth in order to implement their "solution" to the problem of too many liberals. They will discover liberals have guns too (no longer will the fascists be able to know how many each of their targets has), and that we will shoot back.