Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Selley On The Tory's Anti-Gay Bullying Vid: The Short Version

 If you see an pig that is trying to dance, don't criticize it for dancing poorly. The attempt should be enough.

And there's something to that.

But, again, if this had been one of the Torys usual video productions--an attack ad smearing somebody--they would have hired an orchestra, got the effects guy from The Matrix, thrown in an exploding blimp, and run the whole thing 90 times on Hockey Night In Canada.  Instead, its four minutes of lousy sound and a guy filming with his cell-phone.

Doing a thing on the cheap says something about your intentions.


Peter said...

And beating this "quality of the video" theme to death may say something about whether one's priority is reaching out to kids in distress or finding yet another reason to bash Cons.

It wasn't a "usual Tory video production", because it wasn't a party production or a policy statement. It was a response of numerous colleagues to a tragedy, and they may have been mindful of the need to act fast lest other gay teens were despairing of what had happened. Are you saying they should have given a professional a contract and six months to produce something, otherwise say nothing?

This is as cheap as those complaints that Harper offered a state funeral for Layton because he thought it would help him in the polls.

Reality Bites said...

Vic Toews is one of the most viciously homophobic Conservatives. He's basically one of the thugs who beats up on gay kids, except he does it with words and has attempted to do it with the law.

Him speaking up against anti-gay bullying is like Jesse Helms speaking up against the Ku Klux Klan. Same philosophy, different sheet.

bigcitylib said...

And, Peter, the Australian initiative is a big nothing-burger.

Peter said...

HarperCon Derangement Syndrome is going be the death of you, bcl.