Sunday, January 21, 2007

Alberta Seperatists: Conservatism Has Failed, Time To Piss Off

The ripples from Andrew Coyne's Saturday column, "Selling the conservative soul", continue to echo through the blogosphere. In it, Andrew laments the death of Conservatism. And naturally, Alberta seperatists have responded en masse, arguing that its time to throw in the towel on Confederation.

A few blogging Tories, for example, have already packed their bags, with The Politic arguing that:

Put another way, Alberta should go if it wants to keep conservatism.

But here’s the caveat: are Albertans, with the highest amounts of government spending in the country, up to living life as conservatives?

The Black Kettle is halfway out the door:

Alberta, sadly, must separate because Alberta is still somewhat conservative ... at least for Canada (which, I concede, isn't saying much).

And of course Andrew's Coynistas are always up for splitting the nation:

"And after two decades invested in the Reform experiment, there is nowhere else to go."

Actually, Albertans have someplace else to go.
-Pete E.

One interesting thought is that, since Alberta accounts for 41% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, if it were ever become a distinct jurisdiction, the geographic entity known as Canada would suddenly be in compliance with its Kyoto targets!

Furthermore, we would have the resultant environmental pariah state surrounded on three sides, and could serve as a launching pad for the inevitable U.S. invasion.

If you want to help out, visit these guys and slip 'em a fin. Or these guys.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder where an independent Alberta's standard of living would rank and where would Canada's ex-Alberta be? Oh but you could swan around the globe to those Kyoto conferences with head held high. With the accelerating decline in Ontario manufacturing you could really show the world.

bigcitylib said...

I might be willing to take a pay cut if Alberta left.

Anonymous said...

If Alberta goes the ROC would collapse simply because of immigration to Alberta from all other provinces.Wait that is already happening.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Bill is checking intern's resumes for some new skank.

Anonymous said...

Mourn for Castro ??

Mass murdering dictator, denies his people, free speech, freedom of religion, of thought, of movement, of the right to join a union. The dictator who sent his armies to Africa as proxy fighters for soviet imperialism and got 60,000 of them KIA'd ?? The dictator who runs the giant prison in the Caribbean ??

The dictator who routinely arrest journalists, tries them for "anti-revolutionary crimes" and them puts them in front of firing squads??

The sooner that slime bucket joins Saddam in hell the better. Maybe he can join in a few card games with the other brutal dictators burning there, the Stalins & Mao's & Hitlers.

Sure makes ya wonder WTF Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada was doing when he went supported Fidel & his regime.

It was good to see ol'Fidel as a pall bearer at Trudeau's funeral orgy - shows Trudeau's real loyalties.

Anonymous said...

The Alberta separatists are their own worst enemies. They should have learned a few things from the Quebec separatists by now:

1. Your cause will only have widespread legitimacy if it avails itself of the democratic process we have in place. Form a party, base its platform on separation, get voted into government and hold a referendum. Plan for the new reality of the Clarity Act as well.

2. Stop bitching and moaning at other Canadians and about Canada. Just don't talk to them or about them anymore. They have nothing you want, so what is the point? You have your "first principles," don't you?

3. Make sure you understand that you share a jurisdiction with other people who do not share your views and are protected by a constitutional order that you cannot dismiss unilaterally, no matter how much you *wish* it.

...Get a move on, pardners. Alberta ain't gettin' any more separate with all this hissing and moaning and drunken or hungover dyspepsia which no one takes seriously.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where these yahoos are coming from...I am sure it's like Quebec where a few loudmouths claim that 'everyone' wants to separate. I've lived in Alberta for 25 years and have never met an actual person who thinks this.

The funny thing is that they are also the first people to call Quebeckers whiners'

wilson said...

As an old Reformer, I understand that when in opposition, you push your agenda, hard.
When in Government, ALL Canadians have to be represented.
Even with a majority (which still could amount to only 40% of Canadians) ALL Canadians have to be represented. It's democracy.

PMSH has exceeded my expectations.
In such a short time:
Bye bye special interest groups, hello pride in our military.
Bye bye fence sitting on most EVERY issue, hello bold and decisive moves (doing the right thing instead of the popular thing).

Coyne and diehard Cons rant about the Cons going left. Libs/MSM rant about the Cons being 'the most right winged party in Canadian history.'
Sounds like PMSH has found center.

Anonymous said...

If Alberta goes the ROC would collapse

Tedf, are you kidding yourself?

Do you have any idea how many Albertans would leave the province in the Alberta Separation Party or other bunch of wingnuts tried to secede? (Hint - lots)

Newsflash for you - an awful lot of Albertans are Canadians! Starting with Me!

The constant whinging from the "bitter Reformer" crowd is coming from a very small group of people whose vision of things is positively myopic.

Anonymous said...

PMSH has exceeded my expectations.
In such a short time:

Give it up. The expectations of a fat-mouthed career-troll don't really amount to much.

By the way..."Old Reformer?"...Can I safely assume you're in full dotage? If so, it'll be easier to ignore you, so let me know.

RossK said...
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RossK said...

Sorry 'bout that had a bit of a cut/paste brain bubble....


It's an interesting possible future to ponder BCL.

Let's see, now that the big investment bank firms are moving in and snapping up M&A experts in Calgary in anticipation of the big wave to follow the Royal Dutch Shell buyout of Shell Canada, if Alberta were to separate and go 'all-laissez -faire-all-the-time' how long would it be before the average Albertan in Albertaland would have absolutely no piece of the pie whatsoever?

I suppose, however, the Potentates might be willing to shell out for a few goats to keep the New Bedouins down on the farm/post-nuclear extraction desert.

Sound far fetched?

Well consider this - how many Oil Sheikdoms have not ended up this way?

(of course, the ultimate irony would be the resurrection of Redmonton led by a Chavez-like figure promising 'nationalization' in, say, 2025).


Anonymous said...


Maybe you can explain to me how the tax hatin' Conservatives plan to pay for the military with our miniscule tax base or to house all the criminals that the get-tough-laws are supposed to take care of. And why the fascination with the military anyways? It's not like soldiers are working for free or that they were forced to serve, or that they're even protecting Canada.

I would say that Harper exceeded my expectations too, but that's because I imagined Anders or Thompson running their mouths of at every opportunity. It's funny that the only time this party got anywhere was when Harper joined the moderates and put a muzzle on his troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

"Bye bye fence sitting on most EVERY issue, hello bold and decisive moves (doing the right thing instead of the popular thing)."

Ha. like the new "greening" of the CPC? So this sudden conversion has nothing to do with the environment bein important in the polls? It has nothing to do with trying to create a wedge issue to fight Dion on?

Wislon, you are are really a sucker if your beleive any of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

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