Sunday, January 07, 2007

BigCityLib is Site Of The Week

In these harsh times when we BigCityLibs are as likely to be banned or shunned as celebrated, we must take such praise as we can find, especially when it is offered by an eminent blogger like The Gazetteer, who has made "BigCityLib Strikes Back" his (?) site of the week. High praise indeed! Although the "prolific" part may not apply over the next couple of months as my workload picks up.

In any case, one day when I am anointed King of this fair land, I am giving British Columbia to The Gazetteer, because its my favorite part (except I may keep SaltSpring Island, where I shall maintain a summer estate).


RossK said...

Sure thing, you can have Saltspring

But, just remember this.

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra....'Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded'.

Thus, you may want to reconsider and take Pender (especially given that you may be able to pick-up Spiderman's partner's place for a song at the conclusion of the LedgeRaidTrials - if they ever happen).



Anonymous said...

praise from that blog is akin to getting kudos on democracy from Castro or lenient justice advice from Stalin.

But since you don't get much in the way of praise, site visits or comments, even faint praise is better than your usual nothing.

Enjoy it now.

Anonymous said...

Be careful now, BSL would welcome kudos from Castro and advice from Stalin. In fact, I hear he talks to Stalin regularly through his medium ti-guy.

RossK said...


Don't think I've mentioned fealty to Castro or Stalin even once in more than 1000 posts.

But, then agagin, perhaps the person with the whiff of the french about him and/or her actually has a secret hankering to hang out in the Castro with a guy named Joseph and his big, bold, bushy moustache.

Or some such thing.