Sunday, January 28, 2007

What Poll Is That, Sheila?

Sheila Copps weighs in on the Marc-Yvan Cote mini-scandal:

Conservatives, now edging ahead of the Liberals in Quebec polls, would love to run another campaign against Grit "corruption." So why did Dion step into a minefield that can only do him damage? Dion is nothing if not naively honest. The reality is that he can no more return the memberships of banned Liberals than Paul Martin could have revoked them. The Liberal Party has a constitution and no one person can actually ban Liberals for life.

Anyone have any idea of what poll she's talking about? I know nothing of this and I thought I read them all.

h/t to Political Staples


ottlib said...

I guess we can expect to see a Sun poll released tomorrow and I guess we know part of what it is going to say.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone listen to her anymore?