Monday, January 15, 2007

David Orchard For Prince Albert, Sask.?

Just speculation from one of my anonymice, but fascinating nonetheless now that Prince Albert Conservative MP Brian Fitzpatrick has decided not to run in the next federal election:

A replacement candidate for the Tories? Cry baby Jeremy Harrison.... If Jeremy chooses to give up his high paying consulting job to [run for] Harper.

A Liberal opponent in this riding? David Orchard. You heard it here first.

Diefenbaker's old riding has flipped back and forth between the three major parties for the past half-century. A prominent, relatively conservative Liberal like Orchard would probably have a good chance in an open seat.


Anonymous said...

Orchard is running in Saskatoon Wanuskewin

Anonymous said...

if there was ever a match made in heaven it is the Lieberals and David Orchard.

You folks enjoy each other now. Be polite, fight fairly

Anonymous said...

Note also that when Orchard ran before in PA, he came in fourth with 12% of the vote while outspending every other candidate. So even if he didn't have another riding picked out, it's hard to see this one as a particularly promising one for him.