Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Cost Of Inaction

From The Star:

Ontario's largest ski resort has laid off 1,300 workers after closing down its ski operations in the middle of the winter season for the first time in the resort's 65-year history.

No dollar value, but you've got to figure over a thousand people earning...what...$500 to $1,000 a pay?...and sent home for a couple of weeks

A little further down, the story mentions that two city-run ski hills that were to have opened on Dec. 18 remain closed, said Don Boyle, costing the city some $300,000 in revenue.


Anonymous said...

But you have compare that to the benefits of global warming. Hotter temperatures mean more profits for swimming pool operators, A/C manufacturers, and soft drink makers. Shouldn't we be thinking of the interests of the A/C repair guy and the dude who sells bottled water at the beach?

bigcitylib said...

Can't run the A/C if the grid blows out.

Anonymous said...

All that arctic real estate might actually become worth something. A little beach front retreat on Baffin Island, get in now and beat the rush.

EX-NDIP said...

The current global warming is the governments fault.
When the scientists were screaming about global cooling, the government forced Detroit to build SUV's and used evil methods to get buyers to rush to the dealers and purchase them.
The government also forced air conditioner manufacturers to make products that leaked freon. Aerosol manufactureres were required to use propelant containing CFC's.
Along the way, they were able to throw untold profits to the oil companies who provided fuel for the SUV's, made large campaign donations to politicians and paid sinfull bonuses to their directors.
It's too bad the government wasn't around during all the ice ages. They could have ended them much earlier.
The government saved the world from global cooling and the scientists are still not satisfied. What do they want now, more global cooling?

Anonymous said...

and they are all working at the golf courses which are still open.

gawd damn ya gotta respect a little bit of climate love from Mother Nature.

If this lack of snow in Ontario proves the GW theory, then the 30ft at Whistler this year, WAY above "normal" must prove global cooling eh ??

Anonymous said...

In December, in Vancouver, we were subjected to 2 ft of snow, which stayed for nearly 3 weeks. And it's still freezing out here...

Global Warming??? Meh!


Anonymous said...

Look, if it's warm in Don Mills then that's proof enough for BSL!

Anonymous said...

Is there a difference between Global WarmingTM and Climate Change??