Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jack Wins Day One

Because its hard to argue with sentiments like these:

“Let’s get moving. Will the prime minister instruct his team to get moving on real action on climate change?” Layton asked.


He accused the Conservatives and Liberals of bogging down review of the Clean-Air Act by calling a large number of witnesses to a committee that is examining the bill.

"They should get a delay of game penalty, for heaven’s sake. Let us get moving," Layton barked.

The big loser was THE WHITE GORILLA, whose act is already getting old.



JimBobby said...

Whooee! Yer right as rain, BigCity. I ain't 'bout t' switch from Green t' DippyWip but them kindergarten antics from the Cons an' the grits is pissin' me off. I seen Jack talkin' t' big Mike Duffy on the TV yesterday an' he sounded like a grown-up.

Ol' Mother Earth's in trouble. The Cons is talkin' the same talk the Grits was talkin' 2 years ago. The Grits' plans fer 2 years ago was too little, too late. Now, it's later. Neither Libs or Cons can be trusted t' do what needs doin'.

I don't trust the Dippers t' do the right thing, neither. Way I see it, Dips'll always side with keepin' status quo dirty factory jobs in dirty industries. They ain't entrepreneurial enuff t' get out in front.

Earth Mother Lizzie May's lookin' better'n'better -- 'specially, after seein' the parlimentary playground yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hurts doesn't it, having a real government in Canada for a change.

One that doesn't steal taxpayers money to line to pockets of it's backroom bagmen & other assorted fartcatchers.

Anonymous said...

The "loser" is Layton - all they have to do is act like adults and pick a programme of one of the parties who "gets it" - NDP, Green or Liberal - vote YES on it and it's done.

But Layton likes to play games and play the holier than thou game.

Anonymous said...

The green tie was a real nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Harper's playing, maybe you haven't been out here to Alberta where the reigning provincial conservative party has been using taxpayers dollars to line the pockets of their friends for years-only Albertans are too dumb to do anything about it.

lance said...

Layton wants action NOW! because if he doesn't get it before the budget he'll be forced into a dilemma.

It's politics and this spring Jacko is the punching bag. The Libs are paying him back for voting against them in 2005.


Anonymous said...

People please tell me you're not this naive.
Jack has cut a deal with Harper.
Just like he did once before with Paul Martin.

Anonymous said...

I think the better cutline for Magilla Gorilla would be: 'Mr Peebles, pull my finger!'