Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Do It For The Starlets

...if you don't like children, or don't like your children in particular.

I wouldn't normally pay much attention to a celebrity sponsored "Let's All Fight Climate Change!" site, but Global Cool has links to a nifty list of concrete actions individuals can take to cut energy use, including buying compact fluorescents, turning the temperature down a degree, washing in cold water, and so forth. Most are pretty common-sensical, and good ideas even if you aren't worried about climate change. For example, its always a bad idea to fly, because your plane could lose a wing and you could end up screaming for a good five minutes while it tumbles out of the sky and into an alligator infested Florida swamp! And if you wash in cold water, then use a rack for drying purposes, your pants won't shrink and you can put some moisture back into your household's dry winter air. There's even a few suggestions I hadn't heard of before, like stacking the food in your freezer properly.

The site has also managed to attract some fairly decent musical talent, like the relatively hot Karen O (pictured above) of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and a couple of schlubby looking dudes that claim to be from Broken Social Scene (but look more like roadies).

Meanwhile, California may move to ban conventional light bulbs by 2012 and replace them with compact florescents. Good on them if they do. Since the bulbs contain mercury, it will be interesting to see how the disposal issues are handled.

Meanwhile, Gary Lunn may be telling Parliament that Tar Sands production won't swamp his government's green initiatives, but he's telling the Chinese something else entirely. As this Globe Story points out:

The promise of production from Alberta's oil sands appears to grow exponentially the farther Conservative cabinet ministers get from Ottawa.

And by the time they reach China, all caution is lost.

For the H.O.C. production ramps up to no more than 3.1 million barrels a day within the next 10 years; for the Chinese it gets to 4.6 million.


Anonymous said...

the simplest thing to do to get us within barking distance of reducing 300Mt of GhG is to close down the coal fired electrical plants in Ontario that supply 30% of your electricity. While we are at, it let's close the Hamilton Steel mills . . they are in the top ten list as well. The workers won't mind living on pogey.

That way the holier than thou Toronto Kyotoistas and their friends the Hockey Stickistas can hold their heads high while they blame Alberta for killing us all.

bigcitylib said...

Or we resurrect some old Liberal plans that allow us to cut our home heating requirements by a third, which your Mr. Lunn recently claimed to be impossible.

Its hard to take seriously cries of doom from people who hae come to the table on this issue less than a month ago.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I reckon the jig's up fer Harpoon with that there letter comin' out where he's promisin' t' wage war on Kyoto. If he was foolin' one or two people before, he ain't foolin' anybuddy anymore.

These here Boogin' Tory doom'n'gloom climate change denyin' natterin' nabobs o' negativity got one thing t' say -- "WE CAN'T!"

We CAN, you numbnutses! We can an' we will an' the whole ding-dong world's on board. Get outta the way before you get hurt.