Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Industry Insider Disses Tory Green Renovation Plan

From The Star, comments re the Tory answer to Energuide:

Another industry insider questioned the Conservative government creating the new program, which is officially called the "ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative. "The only real change is the name and it is abysmal. I can't even remember the full thing. Rebranding is a colossal waste of money," he charged.

"All in all I give the thing a `C' for program improvement and an `F' for partisan stupidity," he added.

The EEI? The EcoEI? Can't even come up with a good acronym for this one. On the other hand, maybe your not even supposed to remember it. Maybe you're supposed to forget it as quickly as possible, and think about tax cuts...the homosexual agenda...elitist judges upholding the constitution.

Man that Harper's a genius!


Anonymous said...

Why don't they just call it "Canada's New Energuide"?

jmnlman said...
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jmnlman said...

They could have Brent Butt do the commercials...