Monday, January 29, 2007

Canadian Phone Company Encourages Public Masturbation!

Another first for Telus! They'll be selling porn to their cell-phone subscribers on a "pay per download" basis, charging on average 3$ or 4$ per "item".

I have no idea why anyone would want to watch pornography on a screen two inches square, while (for example) riding public transit. But then I'm from an earlier generation that came of age downloading .jpegs from "newsgroups".

And we were too discrete to view the stuff on any but our work computers. I don't understand the youth of today.

h/t to Slashdot. Be sure to read the comments. A number of readers are considering a move to Canada because of this (note: our strip-clubs are better too).


Anonymous said...

you didn't think the vibrate option for a ring tone was so you wouldn't disturb those folks nearby, did you ??

Anonymous said...

OMG! Don't let the Blogging Torries hear about this! They'll be confiscating vibrating phones from their women and pic phones from their men!
Smooth move Telus, way to give the people what they want all round.
Wonder how much Telus will make from destroyed phones on long-term plans.
Goes to show, though, you can't keep a free market down. Ask Harper. He's all for free market, and if it means porn on demand, Canadians better suck it up or suck off.
Western Standard, what say you on this issue of free-market?

Saskboy said...

You could already get porn via text messaging. Not that I'd know how, but if you can send/get a text message, you can obviously send naughty stuff.

bigcitylib said...


And people can get it through cell-phone browsers. Which makes me wonder how Telus thinks they can compete with free.