Thursday, January 18, 2007

Harper To Khan: I Want You For Your Body, Not Your Mind

If indeed Wajid Khan's Middle-East report exists, here's one good reason Harper doesn't want anyone to see it. Khan has in the past advocated any number of ideas that would be anathema to his new master's Foreign Policy:

JERUSALEM -- Wajid Khan, the Prime Minister's special adviser on the Middle East, has expressed support for an Arab initiative that would see Israel return to its pre-1967 borders. The Arab Peace Initiative would go further than any position publicly stated by the Prime Minister. Indeed, Stephen Harper, as opposition leader, told the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy during last year's election campaign that it was impractical to demand Israel hand back all land it took after the 1967 war.

Unfortunately, the Globe has the rest of this story trapped behind its fire-wall, and the Google work-around doesn't seem to work anymore. But you can get an idea of how far off the Tory reservation this guy has wandered from last week's issue of Judeoscope:

Wajid Khan is on record for favoring dialogue with terrorism-sponsoring regimes such as Syria and soon-to-be nuclear Iran, lumping the deliberate targeting of civilians by the likes of Hezbollah with incidental civilian deaths caused by Israel`s response to terrorist attacks against its civilians and describing the Canadian government's support for Israel's right to defend itself (the only country whose right to do so is called into question) as mere pandering to US policy.

For the moment, Harper's orders to Khan seem to be to shut up and look Ethnic for photo opportunities: "Be silent, my chocolate-skinned man!"

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