Friday, January 12, 2007

Buzz Begs For An Audience

Buzz Hargrove is "taken aback" at Jack Layton's call for tough-minded emission and pollution controls in the automobile and industrial sectors. He writes plaintively:

It would have been helpful for you to have first consulted with the CAW on this important question before making your statement. The environment, we'll all agree is an important and pressing matter which must be addressed, but surely not before adequate and thorough dialogue among the stakeholdershas taken place. If this issue is not handled delicately and thoughtfully, we could see thousands of auto workers' jobs destroyed.

I would appreciate you finding time to meet with our union at your earliest convenience so we can have a meaningful discussion on the NDP party's position on the environment and its potential impact on auto workers. By working together, I believe we can find the appropriate measures to protect the environment and safeguard jobs for our members as well.

This letter illustrates two points about today's NDP, one negative, one positive.

1) The first is that Layton may find himself hamstrung between his two traditional constituencies on this issue (Greenies + Unionists), while the Green Party does not have this problem, and can situate itself as the more ideologically "pure" green alternative.

2) Having the CAW "sever ties" to the NDP after the last election was the best thing to happen to the NDP in a long time, as it gives them far more room to maneuver with respect to their old allies. Buzz Hargrove is quickly discovering that while Canadians love polar bears and caribou, they don't really give a shit about auto-workers.

h/t to Taliban Jack.


Anonymous said...

Not too crazy or caring for the auto industry...for some reason they seem to make cars worse and worse for the most part. While some of the emissions have obviously improved, the "old gas guzzlers" Buzz wants to take off the road are actually the newer SUVs and even some cars ie the Chev Impala.

There are far more new cars getting bad mileage than old ones in regular use. But of course, Buzz has got to stand behind his auto workers regardless of whether or not they make a good car.

Anonymous said...

I think at some point Canadians are going to have to decide what they want to do. To cut emissions, and improve the environment generally is going to require massive sacrifice. The politicans of all stripes see the polls, and talk environment, but which one (and I believe none) will have the "balls" to stand up and say "Fine, you want Kyoto, here is the personal cost." Then, if everyone is still onboard we go forward. Otherwise, it is just words for votes.

berlynn said...

If Buzz had a concern for the world in which we lived that extended further than his left nostril, he might actually *get* that we need to make dramatic changes to how we live and work in this country.

Anonymous said...

Jack loves Buzz
Buzz loves Jack
He loves to stick a knife in his back

With a nick-nak, NDP whack, give the dog a bone

Kyoto supporters are all alone

Anonymous said...

Hey ex-ndp,

Sorry about that-I'm not necessarily trying to say that hybrid cars are the awesome answer. I'm trying to say that new cars are just as bad as the old ones.

I had a Toyota Matrix for a trip to California and wasn't too impressed with the mileage I got. It was admittedly better than my 1974 Volvo, but after 32 years of technological advances I would expect cars to run on good vibes or happy thoughts and not just be 3-5 mpg better on gas. It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

We duh peepole ooh old duh true Canidian value beeleave dat all Canidian are willing to sacrifice dare economic futur for duh implementaion uf duh Kyoto protocol...ass long ass day lif in Alberta.