Friday, January 05, 2007

Khan's Gone

From Canoe:

OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative minority government has received a boost thanks to the defection of Toronto-area Liberal Wajid Khan.

Ah well, the situation is back to sucking. Congratulations to Stephen Taylor for finding the scoop.

Move on, Libs. Make sure this guy regrets what he did.


Anonymous said...

I hope his riding people will never fotget what he did and make him pay, but good.
Whatever happened to the "floor crossing"

bigcitylib said...

Unfortunately, it looks like he's brought a couple of his riding people over with him.

ottlib said...


Anybody who did not see this coming when he was appointed "Special Advisor" last summer has not been paying attention.

The last few years have seen more floor crossings than in the previous 10-15 years so this will not have as big an impact as previous ones, especially since Mr. Khan is a nobody compared to other high profile floor crossers.

As well, except for political partisans most Canadians seem to find floor crossing distasteful if not outright dishonest so it will probably not have a big impact on voter support, although it may drive a few more Canadians away from politics.

This will be a one day story and then it will disappear. The irony is this story will change the subject from the cabinet shuffle, which I find most interesting.

Jeff said...

a short term gain for harper at best. libs won that riding by over 10% last time. drop a hall-findlay or rae into missisauga-streetsville and khan could be back to selling cars by next fall.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Triumphant Trollies? Quick, BCL. Go over to SDA and drag some back here.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Dion could have handled this much better than he appears to have. Giving Khan an ultimatum seems to have been a mistake.

Rookie leader...rookie mistake.

But who the heck is giving Dion advice?


Anonymous said...

When Harper does it, it's "moral clarity." When Dion does it, it's "a rookie mistake" and "an ultimatum."

I suspect Dion got what he wanted. Shit or get off the pot, Khan.

Really, it's not that complicated.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't use the term "rookie" in a pejorative sense. As a new leader, he naturally has to be given some time to grow into the job. And, although I don't share his political views, Dion comes across as a pretty decent guy, albeit a little shrill at times.

I'm just frankly mystified that he didn't seem to have some savvy advisors around him who could perhaps have assisted him to navigate this issue a little more competently.

Because Dion is just not looking, on this issue, as being in control. And that may bode not-so-well for him from some Liberal party factions.