Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is Mario Dumont Part Of The 59%

...of Quebeckers who describe themselves as racist? In a letter obtained by The Canadian Press, Dumont says he wants to draft a Quebec constitution that would set out reasonable compromises to be granted religious and ethnic groups.

Well, I'd have to see what's in it (the constitutional document), but this is definitely not a good day to be publishing such a letter. Furthermore, Dumont claims:

...recent compromises granted to ethnic or religious groups [pose] a...threat to so-called old stock Quebeckers.

Dumont totally loses me here. "Old stock" Quebeckers are among the least sympathetic ethnic groups in the country, as far as I'm concerned. They're the people who taught Albertans how to whine.

"Ooooh! We're so alienated! Our culture/oil revenues are threatened! Whaa! Whaa!"

Bunch of crap, IMHO.

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Anonymous said...

The Calgary Sun is running an admittedly meaningless poll about racism in Alberta. Fortunately, the majority of Albertans don't seem to think there's a problem!