Monday, January 01, 2007

Whoops! There It Is, Girlfriend

It bugs me when people say that something I have written is cliched. So I am always interested in things like Lake Superior State University Annual List of Banished Words, which track words whose usefulness to the English language has come to end. This year's losers include "truthiness" and "i-anything". Can't complain too much about their choices, although I am still fond of the term "boasts" (as she "She boasts an immense set of tupperware.").

And in "researching" this post I came across a list of 1,159 words "not allowed on personalized jerseys at the NFL Shop" (the official shop of the National Football League) because they are considered offensive. I am proud to note that many of these terms have appeared on this site. Moreover, I can testify to the list's utility; there are a few I haven't heard before ("assranger", "axing the weasel") and one or two I don't even know the meaning of ("splittail").

One last comment: "Wigger" is an ugly term. You can say the same thing, but nicely, with "WASPafarian".

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the list.It's quite a piece of research. I must admit I've already used most of the words to describe our ridiculous little Con tyrant and his minions. However words like cyberslimer,kumbullbe, pimpsimp,smagma, and of course just plain excrement should come in handy when addressing the Blogging Tories....Thanks again.