Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Peter MacKay Shuffled Out?

I don't usually link to Blogging Tories, but sometimes its interesting to hear what they have to say when they think Progressives aren't in the room. Loyalist at dissonance and disrespect not only thinks that Rona Ambrose is gone, he's hoping Peter MacKay will also be given the hook in Harper's upcoming cabinet shuffle:

But what to do about Peter MacKay?

It may now be safe politically for Harper to dump one of the weakest links in Cabinet, or if not to punt him from Cabinet, to shuffle him somewhere where he can do less harm than in Foreign Affairs.


MacKay has proven himself to be an inept, or at least indifferent, handler of the foreign affairs portfolio. The position can't afford a lightweight. Get someone in there with a little heft.

I wonder what portfolio "light-weights" get? MacKay for Prentice at Indian Affairs?

I would also think that Conservatives secretly want Stockwell "walked with the dinosaurs"Day moved to someplace where he could create less havoc. Or does his status as loyal spear-chucker for the Socon wing of the party preclude replacing him with someone more competent?


Anonymous said...

The problem is a delicious one, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

As the Blogging Tories are almost exclusively not known for their insightful analysis, I'll await judgment until actual decisions are made.

I really don't think it'll matter one bit how the Harpies shuffle around their mediocrities. There really isn't all that much to work with.

Anonymous said...

There really isn't all that much to work with.

Kinda like the Liberal leadership race.

Anonymous said...

No, not like the leadership race. Only an idiot would say that.

Funny how the mediocrities in the government are hardly any different from the cretins who troll progressive blogs.

Anonymous said...


Nice to see I am not the only victim of the anonymous neo-con trolls. This one seems to believe that Peter McKay and Rona Ambrose can be compared to Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. That's like comparing a Stanley Cup champion to the winners of the Quebec pee-wee tournament. I digress.

While McKay clearly is incompetent, I suspect another reason some Blogging Conservatives (they aren't Tories) want McKay out is that he represents one of the last vestiges of the Progressive Conservative Party.

That said, McKay will stay for that very reason. He is the one who brokered the deal to kill the PCs and PM Harper can't turn his back on him now.

Ti-Guy is right when he says there isn't much to work with. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing James Moore or Rahim Jaffer get the nod for Foreign Affairs. They're young and as competent as anyone in the Conservative caucus. It could be interesting...

IslandLiberal said...

If McKay is shuffled out of Cabinet (unlikely right now; with a majority, more likely), either Bill Casey or Gerald Keddy would have to be let in to Cabinet.

Anonymous said...


It won't be Casey...he's not even offering in the next election.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

latest story links those who may not be running in the next election as being part of a chuffle. like emersin, toes and u'connur. Pop in moore, ablocozonsky and popin-fresh, oh that's moore, maybe another appointed senator somewhere... it'd be political suicide for harpor to dump mkcay now as there isn't many tints of red-tory in this administration, despite the PM trying to look like redd foxx. might as well pull off the mask and show your true colours but then the con-blabs will say 'scaredy cat!'