Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bell Fibe Dumps Sun TV: The Beginning Of The End Of Fox News North?

Got this tweet from Ezra:

Now, from the FNN wiki article, Fibe TV's original deal with Sun TV was scheduled to end at the end of this month, so presumably what really happened is they could not come to an agreement with Ezra and Kory and the rest of the gang as to the terms of an extension.  I doubt the Saudis had much to do with it.


Christian said...

Wow, BCL. My first thought was you photo~shopped the image for snarkiness sake. Man, I wish it were the case that you had.

Anyway, didn't their demise begin when they originally hit the air?

Mark Richard Francis said...

Saudi Arabia? Well, if Ezra suggests it, it must not be true.

BlastFurnace said...

I never did get why SunTV was taken over so suddenly by Sun News so we got it pumped into our homes in Southern Ontario whether we wanted it or not. Then again, when one considers that it quickly broke its commitments to have a "firewall" between TV and paper ops and they had their evening newscast from the Sun Newsroom, I should not have been. In any case, the "Jump the Shark" moment was when EL threw a lifebuoy in the lobby of CBC Toronto saying he wanted to "save" the CBC by killing it. Sad thing is, other than TVOntario, Toronto needs a truly independent station, now that's gone.