Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dawson College Shooter was Political Lefty

From the LifeSite, which really sweats this kind of stuff, a selection from Kimveer Gill's dislikes, taken from his website:

Animal Cruelty
American Government
Anyone Who Supports The American Government
Capatalists (sic)
F***ing Religious People Who Think They Know Everything.....And Then They Stick It In Your Face Cuz' They Think They Know Everything (They Don't Understand That They're Just A Bunch Of Little Sheep)
Church Going A**holes
Bible Thumpping Know-It-Alls
All Priests

Sounds a bit like me on a bad day.

Brian Rushfeldt of the Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) notes:

"If we are worried about individuals who might do things like this," said Rushfeldt, "... we should know about them. By omitting his left-leaning stand, said Rushfeldt, "the media [is] contributing to missing warning signs by not pointing out full facts."

Not mentioned here is the fact that notorious American serial killer Ted Bundy campaigned for the Republicans, and that Canada's own Robert Pickton ran a small business and wrote several letters to an American correspondent where he referenced The Bible in an approving manner.

I think we Lefties come out ahead in this little contest.


Peter said...

"Sounds like me on a bad day". Recognizing that you are poorly adjusted, immature, and think with the depth of tracing paper is indeed a step on the road to growing up. Congratulations.

Peter said...

Only you wife knows for sure.