Friday, September 01, 2006

Laxer on Iggy

James Laxer's post on the Ignatieff "phenomenon" is about the best thing I've read on the topic, either in the blogosphere or the MSM. Clear, historically informed, and well-reasoned, it is everything my own posts on the topic are not. It could, however, use a few clever put-downs or dirty jokes. But nobody is perfect.


Ti-Guy said...

Absolutely. Laxer's synthesis of the Iggy phenomenon could not have been more accurate. I was rushing over here to see if you had caught that, but of course you did.

Iggy is an invention. He popped out into Liberal reality a short while ago, and it's always struck me as odd and calculated. Iggy isn't the right leader for the Liberal Party of Canada at this time.

iggyforpresident said...

Let's see now, this Laxative guy along with another communist Mel Watkins took over the NDP in the late 60's turning it into the play thing of academics, unemployed Marxists and union bosses. The party has been an irrelevant joke ever since. 'Nuff said.