Friday, September 15, 2006

Kinsella Admits?

Some bad verse from Kinsella this morning re. the Parkdale-High Park byelection:

Morning has broken,
like the first morning
Voters have spoken,
what can you do
Praise for our war room, praise for our overall numbers
Get in our way and we'll still kick the stuffing out of your chosen political leader in a general campaign.

A pretty blase assessment considering that the "war room" generalled Sylvia Watson's campaign straight into the ditch and dragged Dalton McGuinty along with her. But the more interesting question is: is Kinsella signing off on the campaign, as it were? Is this an admission that he was in fact running the machine that so ineptly smeared Cheri DiNovo? (Note: Kinsella ran the McGuinty war room during the 2003 Provincial campaign)

In which case, talk about blowing off a disaster of your own creation! How much does he get paid for splattering the reputation of the whole Ontario Liberal party? Warren, buddy, there's a difference between being Karl Rove and being Karl Rove's idiot cousin! And maybe Dalton did tell you to go for the jugular. He didn't mean his!


Jeff said...

"war room" my arse. the libs were asleep at the wheel until very lately in this by-election.
too bad young cherniak thinks kinsella is cool.
if jason starts talking about street cred and listing his favourite punk bands, all is lost for the lad.


Wow what would he have said if he had won? See my comment on the 'war room' here

JimBobby said...

Whooee! WarRoom KinsellerFeller brought a gun to a knife fight an' he lost an' now he's marchin' 'round with his tail between his legs singin' a stoopid ass war song set t' the tune of a love song.

I dropped by Cherniak's boog today an' give'm sum advice 'bout steerin' clear o' the has-been-ass-kicker o' Canajun polyticks. If JasonFeller repents an' don't do any more dirty stuff, mebbe he's got a chance in polyticks - in 10 or 15 years.

Yores trooly,

Steve Stinson said...

I think that is as close as we will get to him admitting he engineered the whole smear campaign.

Psychols said...

The words are as inappropriate for the tune as the smear campaign was for the bi-election.