Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kinsella Slimes On!

With the help of anonymous on-line researchers our hero finds another "controversial" NOW Magazine article from Cheri DiNovo. It is a sign of the baseness of Mr. Kinsella's intellect, and I think of ill-concealed sexism, that he twists DiNovo's (rather sappy) ode to "the women who've changed our lives" into a diatribe against Pope John Paul II.

And, again, I think this whole issue leads back to Dalton McGuinty. Someone who has had a reputation for fair-play is squandering it via the actions of one of his hounds. It would be astounding, but is now conceivable, that the Ontario Liberal party could actually harm its chances in the 2007 general election for short-term gain in a bungled bye-election.

(We shall see how long it is before the same smears appear on Cherniak. "Oh my Lord! I'm so appalled! Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!")



Kinsella works for McGuinty as an advisor perhaps the same campaign that he and Cherniak launched against poor Thomas Hubert should be applied to him. Email Dalton asking why this guy is working for you....

Steve Stinson said...

It is good to see some Liberals have ethical standards.

The only way we can stop the use of such tactics is to vote the other way. If it works, the slime will continue.

Watson has burned any goodwill she may have had in the riding by going along with this. She deserves to lose.