Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Monster of Naden Harbour (with pictures!)

Since it's a slow news-day and I haven't read anything that particularly irked me...

Darren Naish is a PHD and long-time contributor to the Dinosaur Mailing List. Now that he has finished his studies and is waiting for offers of full-time employment, he is keeping a blog devoted in part to Cryptozoology, the study of animals not yet know to science. This post, which covered the "Cadborosaurus" carcass found in 1937, brought back old memories. My dad served at base Naden outside of Victoria, B.C., where the carcass was pulled from the stomach a dead sperm whale, and I remember when the long-lost pictures of the incident were printed in the local papers (1992).

The drawing here is Darren's reconstruction; the actual pictures of the dead beast can be seen by following the link above.

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Wow thaniks for this I too have an interest in Crypotzoology see here for my blog articles. In particular my solution for fresh water lake mosters sightings is that they are sturgeons, the ancient dinosaur fish.