Monday, September 11, 2006

Iggy Goes Nuts

Iggy continued down the road to Madness yesterday, insisting that Constitutional talks be reopened so as to "cater to Quebec's demands", as this G&M account of last night's leadership debate puts it:

"Other candidates have said we need to recognize Quebec, but that the constitutional recognition of Quebec as a nation is too difficult. Yes it is difficult, but we must do it," Mr. Ignatieff said. "I'm not in politics to say things are difficult, [instead] to find solutions."

The man is dangerous, willing to reopen the same can of worms that nearly destroyed this country just over a decade ago. Good Liberals should take him somewhere dark and drive a stake through his heart.

In other news, the Globe article indicates obliquely, and Chantel Hebert states clearly in her Star column this morning, that if bi-lingualism is a requirement for the new Liberal Leader, then the field has effectively been narrowed to Dion, Iggy, and Bob Rae:

Yesterday, the interpreters who worked behind the scenes of the Liberal debate should have collected a hardship bonus.

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Walks With Coffee said...

I respect Iggy... but objectively speaking he appears to be panicing; this implies he believes his first ballot support is weak and more importantly his second ballot support will not grow. His team must have numbers... I suspect showing that Rae has all the second ballot support. Iggy will be deputy PM or foreign affairs minister.