Monday, September 11, 2006

Iggy Goes Nuts

Iggy continued down the road to Madness yesterday, insisting that Constitutional talks be reopened so as to "cater to Quebec's demands", as this G&M account of last night's leadership debate puts it:

"Other candidates have said we need to recognize Quebec, but that the constitutional recognition of Quebec as a nation is too difficult. Yes it is difficult, but we must do it," Mr. Ignatieff said. "I'm not in politics to say things are difficult, [instead] to find solutions."

The man is dangerous, willing to reopen the same can of worms that nearly destroyed this country just over a decade ago. Good Liberals should take him somewhere dark and drive a stake through his heart.

In other news, the Globe article indicates obliquely, and Chantel Hebert states clearly in her Star column this morning, that if bi-lingualism is a requirement for the new Liberal Leader, then the field has effectively been narrowed to Dion, Iggy, and Bob Rae:

Yesterday, the interpreters who worked behind the scenes of the Liberal debate should have collected a hardship bonus.


Walks With Coffee said...

I respect Iggy... but objectively speaking he appears to be panicing; this implies he believes his first ballot support is weak and more importantly his second ballot support will not grow. His team must have numbers... I suspect showing that Rae has all the second ballot support. Iggy will be deputy PM or foreign affairs minister.

BigCityLib-Dumb-as-a-Bag-of-Hammers said...

Rae would be the dream Liberal leader.

Despised in Ontario, unknown in the rest of the ROC and unwilling to bend over for the Quebec unique identity sodomization like Iggy is saying he will do. Woo Hoo

Cool leader for the Liberals. Can't wait for the election