Monday, September 25, 2006

Lib Membership Poll Shows More Good News For Rae

From Today's Star:

Bob Rae has emerged as the leading candidate in the Liberal leadership race, according to a poll of party members in Ontario and Quebec released today by the Toronto Star and La Presse.

According to the poll, conducted by EKOS Research, MP Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) is in a dead heat with Rae among rank-and-file Liberals as first choice for leader in the two provinces, expected to have more than half the delegates to the leadership convention in Montreal at the end of November.


The poll shows Ignatieff and Rae tied at 25 per cent as top choice for leader of those surveyed, with Dion garnering 17 per cent and Kennedy, 16 per cent.

Second choices show Rae and Dion tied at 27 per cent, with Ignatieff at 19 per cent.

Apparently Hedy Fry got no votes. And, apparently, The Star "obtained" Liberal Party membership lists from somewhere. Might as well slap that list on a CD and sell 'em for $20 apiece.


Anonymous said...

In other Liberal Leadership news, the deafening hail of popping champagne corks was heard in the PMO this morning.

BigCityLib-Dumb-as-a-Bag-of-Hammers said...

please, please, please let it be Bob Rae.

I'd pay really big bucks to sit in the front row of the Toronto debate, while PMSH the Magnificent ripped old Bob "Rae Day" about one milllion new assholes.

How many times can the battered voters of Ontario be reminded of the "Good ol' Bob Days" before they overload their toilets system with vomit.