Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hardcore SoCon Becomes Rona Ambrose' Chief of Staff

From Public Eye Online, an online journal of B.C. Politics, comes this startling bit of news:

On Monday, The Hill Times's Abbas Ranna reported former Focus on the Family Canada president Darrel Reid, who was once a "top political aide to former Reform Party leader Preston Manning, will start his new job as chief of staff to Minister (Rona) Ambrose today."

Darrel Reid once, among other things, compared Canada to Naze Germany, warning that Christians could face imprisonment for speaking out against homosexuality.

h/t to DeSmogBlog, who note that Dr. Reid "has very little, if any, experience in the area of the environment". Apparently, the MoE is becoming for the Tories what FEMA has always been for the American Republican Party: a place to stick their loyal-but-stupid.

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susansmith said...

Perhaps he will suggest we all pray to God who is the only being to stop global warming.