Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Did Dion Plagiarize Suzuki?

The accusations that Steve Janke has made re S. Dion plagerizing the Suzuki foundation's "The Air We Breathe" are beginning to get picked up in the MSM, specifically Dan Cook's blog. What it looks like at this point is that Dion's writers did a number of cut-and-paste jobs from the Suzuki report, and then referenced the report in only the most general terms. Not a particularly big deal, but probably deserving of a response from Mr. Dion (and maybe Mr. Suzuki too who, one assumes, would be flattered).


iggyforpresident said...

BCL comes out of hiding but ignores the real issue, namely Dion's tax-and-spend Kyoto plan and focuses on the issue of authorship. Who cares whether socialist Dion thought it up himself or stole it from socialist Suzuki, it's the same tax-and-spend either way. The real issue here is that Liberals are now starting to talk about the costs of implementing Kyoto after years of Cretin/Martin feel-good nonsense.

iggyforpresident said...

Professor Dion a plagiarist? Oh this is rich. First "Apotex Joe" Volpe steals from kiddies' piggy banks, now Prof Dion steals ideas. Does that make Dion a higher class thief? I don't think so, Dion gets an F in leadership, no graduation for this dude. Iggy is amused. What do we call this BCL: Ideagate, Diongate, Envirogate?

bigcitylib said...

Jesus, Iggy for P, I should be paying you to post here. But I won't.