Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Will Democrats Screw it Up?

7Ominous signs in the RealClearPolitics Generic Congressional Vote Average, which has fallen to a 6.5 per cent lead for the Democrats from about 16 per cent not a month ago.

It always astounds me how our Progressive counterparts South of the border manage to screw things up election after election. The Bush Republicans, as one writer has noted, are running on the slogan "Vote Democrat and DIE!" It's the same one they ran on in '04 and '02, and everytime they use it, the Dems stand around with their mouthes open and their tongues hanging out. When a Canadian Conservative calls a Canadian Liberal unpatriotic, we strike back twice as hard ("You are a TOOL of the American Empire!"); do the same thing to a U.S. Democrat, and they spend a month worrying about whether its true or not.

The good news is that there's still about two months to go before the mid-terms. Once the 9-11 Five Year Anniversary hangover has worn off, I expect to see these numbers improve for the Dems a little bit. The bad news is, with gas prices predicted to stay relatively low up until Christmas, they probably will not improve a great deal. For too many American white males, Economic Security means nothing more than being able to gas up the SUV, drive out into the desert, and fire off a few hundred rounds at imaginary terrorists.

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