Friday, September 29, 2006

Stephen LeDrew Jumps into "Horse Race"

Depending how you cut the numbers, Mayor Miller's lead in the race for Toronto Mayor has fallen to either fifteen or five points:

The Ipsos Reid survey, conducted on behalf of the National Post, Global News and CFRB, shows 55% of decided voters intend to support Mr. Miller compared with 40% for Ms. Pitfield. The contest becomes even closer among decided voters who are "absolutely certain" to cast a ballot, with 51% backing the Mayor versus 46% for Ms. Pitfield.

...which should make David Miller concerned, but not too concerned. Meanwhile Stephen LeDrew, Toronto lawyer and former President of the federal Liberal Party, has announced that he will throw his hat into the ring. David Miller is, of course, an avowed Dipper with a great deal of support from downtown, but less out in the Burbs and among the Toronto business community. LeDrew's appearance would seem to me to split the "anyone but Miller" vote, and I am not how much name recognition he's got among people who do not actively follow the cut and thrust of party politics.

I suspect the NDP turnout machine will pull this one out for Miller, with the final spread closer to the 15% than the 5%.


susansmith said...

I found LeDrew's comments in the Toronto Star as arogant, self-serving palp. He seemed to place much importance as pass-pres of the Lib party of Canada, where many may see that as the spin room. But what got me was his self-righteous act of why he didn't pay his income taxes - to pay for his children's private education. I guess he felt he was entitled to his entitlements. Think about it - could Jane or Joe working class get any choice in the matter, but Mr. Business man sure can and he thinks that's a way to connect to the voters????

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